"I could not be happier with our partnership with Sircle and the support they provide. The team has been laser focused on helping us achieve our goals on social, and I'm proud to say that we got there with time to spare in 2021. They truly became like an internal peer allowing us to be in lockstep as we navigate the everchanging social environment. I'm excited to be working with Sircle again in 2022, and I know the strategy they help us set and beautiful, on-brand content will continue to deliver success for our team."



Mezzetta, a brand with a strong reputation in CPG over 9+ decades, was looking to modernize its approach to social media to remain competitive and relevant in a rapidly changing social environment. They were searching for a partner who could help craft their current story while paying homage to their traditions and deep roots.

Sircle Media completed an audit on the competitive landscape and devised a plan that would allow Mezzetta to win via social content creation and distribution. We leveraged internal resources to help convey the many use cases of their wide range of products through educational recipe content. TikTok proved to be an excellent canvas for this legacy brand to tell its story in a modern setting.

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